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Foam C60 1994 (Labels Anonymous, Canada) ---1
---(reissued 1997 by Mutant Cactus Recordings, Canada; MCT 009)
Froth C60 1994 (Labels Anonymous, Canada) ---2
---(reissued 1997 by Mutant Cactus Recordings, Canada; MCT 010)
4am Wallpaper (A Memorate) C60 1995 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT08
---(reissued on CDR 2001 by Blade Records, Italy; WMDA 024)
Dancemix C10 1996 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT11
Backwash C46 1996 (Sick Muse Recordings, U.S.A.) SICK 019
---(reissued 1999 by Doomsday Transmissions, Canada; DDT19)
Tulpa C15 1997 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT14
Old Plus Four CDR 1998 (Austenite Recordings, Canada) AUS 0011
---(reissued 1999 by EE Tapes, Belgium; ET66
---(reissued 1999 by The Ceiling, Canada; CEIL021)
Remote CDR 2001 (EE Tapes, Belgium) ET74
Clear Square 8" EP 2002 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL025
Ephedrin Bird Samba 3" CDR 2002 (The Locus Of Assemblage, Scotland) MASS 02
Playout extracts 5" 45 2003 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL026
Clear Hexagon 8" EP 2003 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL027
Clear Triangle 8" EP 2004 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL028
Clear Shape B-Sides MP3 2005 (Sonus, Canada)
Playout CDR 2007 (Zhelezobeton, Russia) ZHB-XI
Secret Hidden Message 7" EP 2008 (Drone Records, Germany) DR-95
A Mysterious Disc (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL032
Trialism - Clear Shapes Stereo 2x3" CDR 2009 (Abgurd, Russia) AB-47
The Sand Rays CD 2009 (Diophantine Discs, U.S.A) n=20
Plays Fender Bass Guitars And Bird Cages Of Unknown Origin, Exclusively. download EP 2010 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL033
Free Bag Of Hiss Life download (The Ceiling, Canada) 2011 CEIL034
Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012) CDR 2012 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL035
Drop-Out Center CD 2012 (Zhelezobeton, Russia) ZHB-XXXIV
Complete download EP 2013 (Silber Records, U.S.A.) Silber 144
Posthumousness Now 2x3" CDR 2014 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL036
Misc 99 3" CDR 2014 (Ceil-Fanq, Canada)
Misc 94 CDR 2014 (Ceil-Fanq, Canada)
Misc 02 3" CDR 2014 (Ceil-Fanq, Canada)
Misc 93 CDR 2015 (Ceil-Fanq, Canada)
The Bundle Of Joy download 2015 (Silber Records, U.S.A.)
The Definitive-Indefinite (Autumn 1994) CDR 2018 (Ceil-Fanq, Canada)

Split or collaborative releases:

A.E.R./The Infant Cycle C60 w/ A.E.R. 1994 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT06
Fractured Cassette 95 C50 w/ Mind Skelp-cher 1995 (Sculpturesque Productions, Canada) Sclp 003
---(reissued 1998 by Doomsday Transmissions, Canada; DDT17)
E.C.E./The Infant Cycle C46 w/ E.C.E. 1997 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT12
Virus Radio Vol. I C60 w/ A.E.R./ Big City Orchestra 1998 (Mutant Cactus, Canada) MCT-012
Klab (phonorecord) LP w/ Dronaement 2000 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL022
Children Of Asmodeus/The Infant Cycle 10" EP w/ Children Of Amodeus 2002 (Moloko+, Germany) PLUS 045
Rural CDR w/ Aidan Baker 2002 (Blade Records, Italy) WMDA 039
Interference CD w/ Orphx 2003 (Hands Productions, Germany) HANDS D046
Periodical I 3" CDR w/ Jared Davison 2006 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL029
Periodical II 3" CDR w/ ARC 2006 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL030
Heart Full Of Soul / Translation 2x3" CDR w/ Delphium/ Ramunas Yaras 2006 (Diophantine Discs, U.S.A.) n=5,6
Periodical III 3" CDR w/ Antmanuv 2007 (The Ceiling, Canada) CEIL031
Our Past Present (Now Then) 2x3" CDR w/ UPhold 2007 (Afe Records, Italy) afe086mcd
Split CDR w/ Dronaement 2008 (Cohort Records, U.S.A.) CRCD 127
Rural Sprawl CDR with Aidan Baker 2008 (Zhelezobeton, Russia) ZHB-XVII
In Between And In Both Sides In The Same Time CDR w/ The Ancient Tapes Of Indu Mezu 2012 (Cold Graey, Russia) MF18
Live 06/09/97 CFRU 93.3 download w/ A.E.R. 2020 (no label, Canada)
1992-1994 download w/ A.E.R. 2020 (no label, Canada)

Compilation appearances:

Anathemata C75 1993 (Anathema, Canada) ANAC-001
Flowers In The Sunshine (2) C60 1994 (F.I.S., England) F 17
Rift Laboratory C60 1994 (SSSM, Japan) SSSM-014
A Doomsday Transmission C46 1995 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT07
Xcreteria volume one C90 1995 (Xcreteria, Canada)
Szekedes C90 1995 (Crane-Up, England)
Sick Musings Three C90 1996 (Sick Muse, U.S.A.) SICK 022
Art Sickness I C60 1996 (Sculpturesque Productions, Canada) SC004
Way-out: The Sound Of Um! C90 1996 (Kylie Productions, England) KYLIE 010
Multipurpose Saws CD 1997 (Musicus Phycus, Canada) MPCD972
Another Compilation Without A Selling Title volume six C90 1997 (Joukkomurha Tapes, Finland) jmc-58
alt.noise CD 1997 (Switch Records, Canada) WIT19-CD
The Rosary- The Remix Album C60 1998 (Musicus Phycus, Canada) MPCS982
RRR-500 LP 1998 (RRR, U.S.A.) RRR-500
A Cosmic Noise Compilation Volume II C90 1998 (Wreck Age Recordings, Canada) Wrk 17
Ambient Intimacy Volume 3 CDR 1999 (EE Tapes, Belgium) ET 63
A Cosmic Noise Compilation Volume 3 C90 1999 (Wreck Age Recordings, Canada) Wrk 20
Sound Mirror Volume #1 C90 2000 (Hermetic Museum Recordings, Canada)
Ten Years Of Madness: Behind The Iron Curtain 2xCD 2000 (Achtung Baby!, Russia) ABCD 001
Assortiement De Facthedral's Hall 2xCDR 2001 (Facthedral's Hall, France) fhcd 005
Fear Drop issue #8 magazine and CD 2001 (Fear Drop, France)
'M' The Rotten Things CDR 2001 (Badbeatz, Germany) bbr 11
Eld Rich Palmer Offline CDR-ROM 2004 (Eld Rich Palmer, Poland)
Assemblage Report 1 - Summer 2004 CDR 2004 (The Locus of Assemblage, Scotland)
Hungry Ghosts 2xCD 2004 (Merchants of Sound/Mutant Music, U.S.A.) MMCD008
Muzick Out Of Open Windows CDR 2004 (Field Muzick, Germany) fm001
Overshadow CDR 2005 (AntmanuvMICRO, Canada) ANTMA 0205
Breaking Down The Barriers MP3 2006 (Afe Records, Italy) afe080 MP3
The Afe Sampler #3 2xCDR 2006 (Afe Records, Italy)
Silber On Silber download 2007 (Silber Records, U.S.A.) silber058
Nightwaves Volume 3 download/2xCDR 2011 (Nightwaves, Canada)
Cassette Connection Vol. 4 C60 2012 (Haltapes, U.S.A.)

Collaborative compilation appearances:

Remixes C30 1995 (w/ T.U.O.B.)(Kylie Productions, England) KYLIE 006
Take Five Project Two C90 1996 (w/ Eel O.)(Ecto Tapes, U.S.A.) ECTO 44
Fluxo #2 download 2004 (w/ Antmanuv)(Granular, Portugal)
Virtual Compilation 02 download 2005 (w/ Antmanuv)(Mutek_rec, Canada) MTK_WEB02



Senor Trainwhistle EP 3" CDR 2016 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL037
Escalator Attendant EP 3" CDR 2016 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL038
(pl.) EP 3" CDR 2016 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL039
A Mysterious Disc 3" CDR 2016 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL032
Misctones EP download 2016 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL040
Old Men Dream In Reverse EP 3" CDR 2016 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL041
Remembered Vol. 1 CD 2017 (Zhelezobeton, Russia) ZHB-LXX
Competing Brown Noise Channels EP 3" CDR (CEIL, Canada) CEIL046
A Mysterious Disk 3" CDR (CEIL, Canada) CEIL032
Droneuary XXXII - Ruddy download 2019 (Silber Records, U.S.A.)
The Infant Cycle EP 3" CDR 2019 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL047
Dromedary download 2020 (Silber Records, U.S.A.)
The Sand Rays EP download 2020 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL049
The Sand Rays EEP download 2020 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL050
Remembered Vol. 2 (More EPs in Coalescnence) CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia) ZHB-LXXXI
(For September 2021) CDR (CEIL, Canada) CEIL051
(For December 2021) CDR (CEIL, Canada) CEIL052
The Sand Rays LP download (CEIL, Canada) CEIL053
(For June 2023) CDR (CEIL, Canada) CEIL054
(For August 2023) download (CEIL, Canada) CEIL055
Warm Surface Noise For Submersive Types CDR (CEIL, Canada) CEIL056

Compilation Appearances

Droneuary 2019 download 2019 (Silber Records, U.S.A.)



The 731 Doorways C46 1993 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT03
A Grainy Shade Of Ambient 12" EP 1995 (Apogee Recordings, Canada)
The Shortwave Radio Appreciation Society (1992-95) CDR 2001 (The Ceiling/Apogee Recordings, Canada) CEILOGEE-1
Sweet Leek 8" EP 2005 (Apogee Recordings, Canada)

Compilation appearances:

Anathemata C75 1993 (Anathema, Canada) ANAC-001
Xcreteria volume one C90 1995 (Xcreteria, Canada)



Noiseresin C46 1992 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT01
---(reissued in altered form 1998 by Austenite Recordings, Canada; AUS 0010)
Koro C60 1992 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT02
Ashes In The Incision C60 1996 (Sick Muse, U.S.A.) SICK 016
---(some tracks recorded live in 1992)
---(reissued 1998 by Austenite Recordings, Canada; AUS0009)



Wax Infant C46 1994 (Disembraining Songs, Canada) DIS-003
Window 3 download 2020 (CEIL, Canada) CEIL048

Compilation appearances:

RRR-500 LP 1998 (RRR, U.S.A.) RRR-500


UNIT 731- Unit 731 C60 1993 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT04
(Jim DeJong: appeared on one track; co-mixed entire release)
A.E.R./THE INFANT CYCLE- A.E.R./The Infant Cycle C60 1994 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT06
(Jim DeJong: assembled and co-mixed A.E.R. side)
MIND SKELP-CHER- The Psychecentric Womb C60 1995 (Sculpturesque Productions, Canada)
(Jim DeJong: appeared on two tracks)
GREENMAN- PPFR C60 1995 (Lupus Enterprises, Canada) Lup D
(Jim DeJong: mixing assistance: processing)
MIND SKELP-CHER/THE INFANT CYCLE- Fractured Cassette 95 C50 1995 (Sculpturesque) Sclp 003
(Jim DeJong: assisted mix on Mind Skelp-cher side; mastering of cassette)
MIND SKELP-CHER- It Came From Angled Space C60 1996 (Sculpturesque Productions)
(Jim DeJong: appeared on one track)
PHYCUS- Sondercommando Now CD 1996 (Musicus Phycus, Canada) MPCD 961
(Jim DeJong: appeared on one track)
A.E.R.- After C46 1997 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) DDT13
(Jim DeJong: assisted mix and outboard processing)
VRAXOIN/EVILCREATESEVIL-Vraxoin/Evilcreatesevil split C60 1997 (Austenite Recordings, Canada)
(Jim DeJong: assisted mix on Vraxoin side)
VARIOUS ARTISTS- Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 CDR 1998 (EE Tapes, Belgium) ET55
(Jim DeJong: appeared on track by Dronaement)
DRONAEMENT- Wassermond 7" EP 2000 (Drone Records, Germany) DR-41
(Jim DeJong: appeared on one track)
FADLADDER- The Past CDR 2001 (Re:Set Records, U.S.A.)
(The Infant Cycle: remixed one track)
DELPHIUM- Snowhill-X 7" EP re-issue 2002 (Drone Records, Germany) DR-24
(Jim DeJong: cover photographs)
MASTERS OF UNGENTLEMANLY ART- Bewilder Via Gesticulations CDR 2003 (ZH27, U.S.A.)
(The Infant Cycle: appeared on one track)
DELPHIUM- Good Morning Heartache CD 2003 (Moloko+, Germany) PLUS 060
(The Infant Cycle: remixed one track)
VARIOUS ARTISTS- Drone Records DJ-Set CDR 2003 (Stillsand, Germany)
(Jim DeJong: appeared on track by Dronaement)
ANTMANUV- Magnetic Field CDR 2004 (Antmanuv, Canada) ANTMA 0104
(Jim DeJong: remastering and re-edits)
PLASMALAMP- Plasmalamp 8" EP 2004 (Apogee Recordings, Canada)
(Jim DeJong: appeared on one track)
YOU, ME, US & THEM- Adulterate Fragmentary Requests CDR 2005 (ZH27, U.S.A.) ZH27 893
(The Infant Cycle: appeared on one track)
VARIOUS ARTISTS- A Selection Of Drones Past 1993-2000 2xCD 2006 (Tumult, USA) TM000
(Jim DeJong: appeared on track by Dronaement)
DAVID WELLS- Efegin 3" CDR 2007 (SiRiDisc, Scotland) siridisc02
(The Infant Cycle: source material)
DAVID WELLS- Efegin (File) download 2009 (SiriDisc, Scotland)
(The Infant Cycle: source material - different version)
VLOR- Six-Winged CD 2009 (Silber Records, U.S.A.) silber075
(Jim DeJong: appeared on one track)
REMORA- My Brother's Guns and Knives download 2011(Silber Records, U.S.A.) silber105
(The Infant Cycle: remix one track)
LEMURIAN CONGRESS- The Rout download 2015 (Dangermuff Enterproses, Canada)
(The Baby Loop: remixed on track)
PHYCUS- X download 2016 (Phycus, Canada)
(The Infant Cycle remix bonus track on reissue, previously unissued)
DELPHIUM- October CD 2021 (Moloko+, Germany) PLUS 129
(Jim DeJong: photography for sleeve)